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Over ​75% of real estate professionals I work with are over paying for individual subscription services. We will review the features and costs of all your services and determine which combination will serve you best in business, and save you money.

With over two decades supporting the industry working for multiple listing service companies there is no one else in the mid-atlantic region who has the insight I can provide. 

Video marketing is over 600% more effective than any other marketing type. Especially when it comes to industries such as real estate where people are buying something based on how it looks. 

If you are looking for ways to build quality videos about your clients home that are both fast AND affordable, you're in the right place! I'll take those beautiful images and turn them into marketing videos you can use on every platform.


Cost: $50
Sample of a four frame video, with music and text, with a duration of up to 25 seconds.

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