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A renegade woman is someone who is ready to stand up and change their life. That woman who has been living others' truths and not her own. Women who are looking for a community of other women to celebrate who they are and travel the journey. 


What made me a renegade woman?

When I started this journey, a renegade is exactly who I felt like. The thought of rebelling against what rules and expectations were placed on me (by others, society, and even myself) initially brought fear. Fear of not being accepted for who I really want to be, not being loved as my authentic self, and not finding a place to truly"fit in". (Even though I didn't fit in where I was.) 


How very sad that we have been conditioned to keep ourselves where the world thinks we should be.

Women create, that's what we do!

Physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally - as women, we give birth to people, ideas, and experiences. We are created to create. Over time, the world has crushed our creative spirits and we have let it.​

It's time to fight back!!

Together, we will use a variety of resources to transform you into the renegade woman you were born to be. Everyone is in a different place. You may be looking to make small shifts or you may be ready to completely overhaul your life.


Who you are and what you have right now is all you need for a richer and fuller, more joy-filled life. There are possibilities in each day. Renegade programs walk you through personalized programs using proven resources.

Here is a glimpse into the concepts/resources we may use (each resource is selected based on individual clients needs):

  • Personal Mission Statement Building

  • Find that internal connection (or enhance the one you have)

  • DAILY lessons to reinforce change

  • Learn the Law of Attraction 

  • Meditation & Yoga

  • Accountability check-ins

  • and so much more...

Contact me today to start your unique transformation into the renegade woman you already are!​

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NOTE: Programs are advertised for women but are available for everyone! LGBTQIA friendly.

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