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As my Life Coach, Laurie is worth every penny. My blog celebrates its one-year anniversary this month and my first book will be published in 2021 because of her faith in me. Her constant employment of business sense and tech-savvy, as well as infinite encouragement in me as a human being and talented writer, is invaluable. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance with a new project.                                             


Susan S., Maryland


Popular Service = Change Management



โ€‹I'm a change enthusiast! Change. The word provokes countless thoughts and feelings within each of us. Most of us experience change many times a week, if not daily. We must navigate change in our families when kids are born. Your employer is going through a major restructuring. The doctor gave you some scary news. You enrolled in school to earn a degree. How about a pandemic?


Our work together will help you learn how to best adjust and handle the change happening in your life. 

Training Consultant



Hiring a training consultant may be just what you need. As a business owner who does-it-all, hiring a consultant will help seal up those crack you're too close to see. Even with an in-house training team, a consultant will be able to see the larger situation when existing staff tend to get stuck in the weeds. 


Together we will start by analyzing your training needs through process and procedure evaluation, end user research, and subject matter interviews. 


Real Estate Support



I bring my 21 years in the real estate industry supporting professionals through the multiple listing service to your home office. 


Here are a few of my more popular realtor support services.


  • MLS training and coaching.

  • Document management

  • Computer training

  • Social media  

  • Marketing videos 

LinkedIn Makeover


Are you getting all the views you should be?


Want to improve your presence in your industry online?


It may be time for a Linkedin makeover!! I'll help you increase your views within 30 days. โ€‹


Services include:


  • Review of your profile

  • Written recommendations to improve your profile

  • One 30 minute meeting where:

    • We will go over the recommendations

    • You'll receive a detailed to-do list and timeline


Unemployed? Veteran? Discounted options available.

"Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." Lao Tzu


Here are rates for the most frequently used situations.


  • Hourly consulting rate of $55 per hour.

  • Classes: $65 per person; $55 per person for 5 or more.

  • Video costs range $800 - $1,300 per minute.  



You're ready to start! 


  1. Complete the contact request form on this site.

  2. Schedule our free 30 minute consultation.

  3. Within 3 business days after our consultation, I will submit a proposal.  โ€‹

  4. You then have 10 days to return the proposal signed to lock in rates and offers. 

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